For the safety & enjoyment of all patrons, the following regulations will apply while using the ice rink.

Ice Skating can be dangerous, so skate at you own risk.

Skaters & Parents/Guardians of skaters using the ice rink, acknowledge that there is a risk of injury in ice skating, and by entering the ice rink area you freely accept that risk and liability for any injury sustained as a result of skating here or being in and around the ice rink. We highly recommend that satisfactory safety equipment is worn by all participants including wrist guards and knee pads.

PLEASE READ terms and conditions of entry and skate at your own risk

01. All person’s skate at their own risk
02. You must use hand sanitizer before collecting your skates
03. You must keep your distance of 1.5 meters from other family groups
04. Do not skate if you are pregnant
05. Do not skate if you have existing health condition that could be harmful to your wellbeing while skating
06. Children under 5 years must be accompanied on the ice by an adult at all times
07. If you fall over you must pull your fingers in to avoid collision with other skaters.
08. You must wear socks while skating
09. All Patrons must wear ice skates on the ice at all times – i.e: No walking in shoes
10. Please skate in anti clockwise direction unless advised otherwise
11. No Pushing
12. No Speed or dangerous skating
13. All skaters should be aware of other skaters and maintain a consistent speed of all skaters
14. No carrying of children on the ice
15. No chasing or playing tag on the ice
16. No throwing or spraying of ice
17. No digging holes or damaging of the ice or barriers
18. No sitting on the barriers
19. No Bare Feet
20. No Food, No Drinks, No Texting, No Smoking, No phones or Video Games to be used whilst on the ice
21. No offensive or abusive language
22. Please be courteous and and respectful of all patrons and staff
23. The ice surface may be uneven or wet depending on the weather, as such caution must be exercised.
24. Do not leave valuables un-attended
25. The ice may be wet and you could get wet while participating in skating. A change of clothes is recommended.

Patrons must obey the instructions and directions of rink and event staff

Patrons disobeying the instructions of rink & event staff and/or posted signs will be asked to leave the ice rink.

Rink and event staff will enforce the above rules for your safety and enjoyment.

Please feel free to consult with staff if you have any questions or problems.