To help ensure a COVID-19 safe environment and provide a responsible event please read the below guidelines & procedures that we have put in place to ensure the ultimate safety of you.

The 2021 Santa’s Wonderland team has been working closely (and continues to have regular briefings) with SA Health, to help ensure the event is as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Santa’s Wonderland 2021 will continue to be held at the Adelaide Showground but has moved to the Jubilee Pavilion where the additional floor space, and lower patron density will allow for more responsible social distancing.

Other COVID-safer measures we’ll be introducing include:

• Limited number of tickets per session (adhering to the ‘one person per Four square metre’ rule).

• Dedicated entry/exit points to avoid crowds accumulating in key areas.

• Complimentary masks available to patrons.

• All personnel involved with the event set-up, deliveries and operation required to check-in via dedicated QR code.

• All staff required to wear masks where social distancing is not possible.

• Family groups are encouraged to stay together.

• High-touch amusements such as the ball crawl will no longer be used with balls but will still be utilised as a jumping castle at the event.

• Inflatable Snow domes will be inflated but photos only available from the outside.

•  safety awareness will be woven into the stage show script and format.

• Social distancing measures will be strictly adhered to, including in cafe areas.

• Arrows and floor markings to encourage safe movement through key areas.

• Hand sanitiser dispensers provided throughout.

• Ice skating boots will be disinfected with spray after every use.

• High-touch surfaces, such as hand rails on rides, will be disinfected after every use.

• Hand sanitiser must be applied before entering any rides.

• Amusement ride carriages are spaced 1.5 metres apart. Families that live together can ride together. Carriages that are closer than 1.5 metres apart will be spaced out between family groups to allow for social distancing.

• Entire venue will be thoroughly cleaned, multiple times a day, including additional disinfecting of equipment and all surface areas, followed by full sterilisation after each session.

• Toilets will have a managed queuing system and will be cleaned after each use with a maximum capacity of patrons at any one time.
Payments by card and other electronic methods will be encouraged.

• A COVID safety marshal will be present at all sessions to ensure all COVID-19 safe measures are strictly adhered to.

• Anybody found breaching COVID-19 safe protocols or refusing to follow COVID-safe instructions will be asked to leave the event.

You can read our SA Health COVID-19 Plan Here

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any symptoms do not attend.